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Veldzicht (i.e. Meadow view or Fieldview) is the ultimate spot to unwind. It offers peace and space and radiates warm hospitality. There are 5 maisonnettes avaliable: one for max. 2 guests, the others can house max. 5 guests. All the maisonettes have a completely equipped kitchen offering you the possibility to prepare meals at your own leisure. The possibility to connect to internet (without extra costs) is standard with all cabins. Veldzicht is at about 800 meters distance from the centre of Groede.
The weather

More weather in Groede (Dutch)

  The nearest beach is at 2800 meters, close enough to make going there anything but a long trip and far enough to guarantee quiet surroundings.Zeeuws Vlaanderen is the place to go if you like cycling or walking. We even have some bicycles for rent (including a tandem bicycle) but in Groede or Breskens you can choose to rent whatever bike you like in case ours don’t please you. It is a pleasant advantage that the average number of hours of sun per day is well above the Dutch average.When the weather is not as good as usual a visit to one of the interesting villages and towns on the other side of the Dutch border is highly recommended. More on this topic can be found by clicking the “Region” button. It goes without saying that this is only a pick of the countless possibilities. One other inviting alternative is to use the fast ferry from Breskens to Walcheren taking only fifteen minutes to add beautiful cities like Middelburg and Vlissingen to your memories.As said Veldzicht is a fine location to find peace and quiet but also a good starting point for trips. We do hope we may welcome you in the near future. Please be advised that demand is higher than we can offer in the holiday season and, regrettably,  we more than often can’t avoid having to disappoint you.
So please make your reservations as early as possible.
We hope to see you soon!

Fam. de Graaf